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What Does FREE-BEE stand for?
FREE-BEE stands for "Free Bondy's Equity Evaluation."
What is the FREE-BEE program?
We noticed that our customers often call or stop by and ask us to evaluate their current vehicle. When you know that your vehicle is in an equitable position you can make an informed decision of what to do next: continue driving that vehicle or upgrade to something different. Sometimes it's good to know you have options so that is why we developed the FREE-BEE program.
How does FREE-BEE work?
Let us know when you want to come by and we will have a FREE-BEE Coordinator available for a quick evaluation. They will then be able to let you know what options you have. In some cases, we may value the vehicle more than you think, and you may want to sell it to us. Or sometimes those options include upgrading to a brand new vehicle for a lower payment than you're currently paying.

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